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Watch J. Rubberband Man #2

Watch J. Rubberband Man #2


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Up Next in ABS - Advanced Box Skills™ for Goalies Volume 1

  • K. Horseshoe Drill

    HOF Notes

    For the shooting/warm-up drills Goalies should be wearing their mask, jockstrap, and some sort of soft knee pad, not their shin pads.
    Have shooter(s) start at 3/4 speed to allow goaltender to make sure they’re prepared to “FEEL” the weight of the soft ball.
    IF it’s too much for a youn...

  • L. Filling the Net

    HOF Notes

    *Low shots - I’m leading with my stick to make the save.

    **So it doesn’t confuse> When stepping to the low shots you want to catch the ball with your stick as you move (that’s why the five-hole opens when I step). As I step, I catch the ball in my stick and direct the ball/rebound ...

  • M. Mid to Outside Shots

    HOF Notes

    Stay within an arms length of your post when stepping out to challenge outside shots, this helps minimize opening up the net around, and over top of you.

    “If you can see it, you can save it.”