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ABS Video Breakdown with Coach Matt Brown

ABS Video Breakdown with Coach Matt Brown

Two time FIL World Cup Gold Medalist, NCAA Champion, University of Denver Associate Head Coach and Team Canada Offensive Coach Matt Brown dives into a variety of different box lacrosse concepts in the ABS Video Breakdown.

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ABS Video Breakdown with Coach Matt Brown
  • The Art of Up Picks

    The art of picking starts with these four details, work to get your teammate open and more often than not you’ll find yourself free in front of the goal:

    1) As the picker establish inside position.
    2) Use a tap and go or bee - sting pick
    3) Reach with the head of your stick to accept a pass aw...

  • Screen Shots

    Screen shots are the most important type of shot to master in the game of box lacrosse. When you look at the best players in the world, they have mastered the art of seeing with the head of their stick. AND the box game is the best platform to practice this.

    1. Practice setting your feet, when...