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Watch I. Rubberband Man #1

Watch I. Rubberband Man #1


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  • J. Rubberband Man #2

    HOF Notes

    1/4in Rubber Tubing

    These drills will strengthen the muscles used to move within your crease. Bump up the
    number of sets or rubber-band gauge when it becomes too easy.
    For the shooting/warm...

  • K. Horseshoe Drill

    HOF Notes

    For the shooting/warm-up drills Goalies should be wearing their mask, jockstrap, and some sort of soft knee pad, not their shin pads.
    Have shooter(s) start at 3/4 speed to allow goaltender to make sure they’re prepared to “FEEL” the weight of the soft ball.
    IF it’s too much for a youn...

  • L. Filling the Net

    HOF Notes

    *Low shots - I’m leading with my stick to make the save.

    **So it doesn’t confuse> When stepping to the low shots you want to catch the ball with your stick as you move (that’s why the five-hole opens when I step). As I step, I catch the ball in my stick and direct the ball/rebound ...