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Watch B. Crouch / Stance

Watch B. Crouch / Stance


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  • C. Suiting up

    HOF Notes

    In this video I started with shoes because I was outside and didn’t want any pebbles in my socks/feet.

    First of all you’ll need a foundation > underwear, long sleeved undershirt and high-cut socks. This will protect your skin from bothersome straps.

    My sequence for suiting-up:

  • D. Angle Awareness

    HOF Notes

    - Focus on the ball.
    - Always center and square yourself to the ball, not the man.
    - Use your glove hand on the post to help navigate that side of the field.
    - Feel for the post (tap the post) with the shaft of your stick to help navigate moving off your stick side post.
    - Get as mu...

  • E. Tracking

    HOF Notes

    Concentrate/Focus on the ball a full 60+ minutes.

    At practice, when you are out of the net resting, strengthen your concentration skills by staying focused on the ball at all times. Reset for each rep as you would if you were in goal.

    When watching other teams play, find that ball ...