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Watch A. Stick grip

Watch A. Stick grip


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  • B. Crouch / Stance

    HOF Notes

    Important things to remember about an athletic stance.
    - Knees bent.
    - Feet approximately shoulder width apart.
    - Shoulders over your knees.
    - Weight on the balls of your feet.
    - Soft feet.
    - Stick in front of you.
    - Don’t lean into your stick for support.

    “If you can see it, you c...

  • C. Suiting up

    HOF Notes

    In this video I started with shoes because I was outside and didn’t want any pebbles in my socks/feet.

    First of all you’ll need a foundation > underwear, long sleeved undershirt and high-cut socks. This will protect your skin from bothersome straps.

    My sequence for suiting-up:

  • D. Angle Awareness

    HOF Notes

    - Focus on the ball.
    - Always center and square yourself to the ball, not the man.
    - Use your glove hand on the post to help navigate that side of the field.
    - Feel for the post (tap the post) with the shaft of your stick to help navigate moving off your stick side post.
    - Get as mu...